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Imperium Hosting Welcomes You

Elevate Your Game, Conquer the Lag!

Embark on Your Server Hosting Journey with Imperium Hosting!

Starting a server has never been more seamless than with Imperium Hosting. Our winning combination of state-of-the-art software and proactive customer support ensures that you'll have your dream server online in no time!

Why Choose Imperium Hosting?

1. Quick Setup: With our swift setup process, your server will be up and running within 24 hours or less. We understand the importance of efficiency!

2. Game Variety: Imperium Hosting supports a wide range of games. Whatever your gaming preference, we've got you covered.

3. Advanced Control: Take charge of your server with one of the most advanced server control panels. Configure and customize your service according to your preferences — the possibilities are endless!

4. Proactive Support: Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you. We're committed to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable hosting experience.

At Imperium Hosting, we understand that the heart of gaming lies in the connections we make. In a world dominated by automations and scripts, we take a different path—we keep it personal. 

When you choose Imperium Hosting, you're not just getting a game server; you're gaining a dedicated team committed to making your gaming experience extraordinary. Our human touch means real communication, custom setups, and a partnership built on trust. Because at the core of our service is the belief that behind every game server is a unique gamer with unique needs. Let's make your gaming journey exceptional, together. 

Imperium Hosting: Rejecting Automation, Embracing Personalization. Choose a Realm Where Real People Build Your Gaming Experience!

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What Makes Us Unique

At Imperium Hosting, we take pride in offering a unique and high-end server hosting service. Our commitment goes beyond providing access to top-of-the-line hardware for hosting your favorite games – we make it our mission to deliver unparalleled customer support to assist you in every aspect of your hosting experience.

DDoS Protection for your Game Servers.

DDoS Protection

Our platform is rigorously fine-tuned to counter even the most intricate cyber attacks, providing robust protection for your gaming experience. We operate with a multi-tiered mitigation platform to safeguard you from various threats, including those attempting to exploit vulnerabilities within certain games.

Server Room for your DayZ, Rust, Ark, Arma server.

Industry Leading Hardware

Your gaming experience is our priority, and we've invested in cutting-edge technology to ensure unparalleled game server performance.

Experience Game Servers like Never Before!

Refined Control Panel

We understand the importance of an intuitive and powerful control panel for managing your gaming services. Over the years, we've dedicated ourselves to refining our control panels and the underlying infrastructure to ensure a highly consistent and capable service management experience for our users.

Game Server Locations

Available Game Server Locations
  • Seattle, Washington

  • Los Angeles, California

  • Vint Hill, Virginia

  • London, United Kingdoms

With your support, we will be able to continue providing top-notch server hosting experiences to others around the globe as we grow! Thank you for supporting our small business!

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